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Our ceaseless pursuit to provide quality services and prompt facilities are guided by the values of professionalism, honesty and efficiency. This has earned us our success and strong position in the competitive international arena. Our key asset is our long term commitment and personal bond with our reputed global clients. we keep a constant watch on the trends and price-sensitive developments in the market. Our expertise in the business guides us in distilling and processing relevant information that we instantly share with our clients. As a result, our clients are in a position to make quick, informed and strategic decisions and can take advantage of business trends.

White Pea Beans

Coriander Seed

Black Cumin Seed

Sunflower Seeds

Hulled  Sesame Seeds

Dry Ginger

Gum Myyrh

staff seed

Red Kidney Beans

Hardwood Charcoal

Rapeseed Cake/ Meal

Safflower Seed

Light Brown Kidney Beans



A4 Copy Paper

Green Mung Beans



Red Split Lentils

Special Products 

Tomato Paste ,Canned Vegetables,  Canned Fruit ,Canned Poultry & Meat ,Canned Seafood,Dried Fruit ,Dried Vegetables ,Canned Mushrooms ,Dried Mushrooms ,Fresh Mushrooms ,Frozen Mushrooms ,Truffles ,Flowers ,Cigarettes ,Cigars ,Tobacco ,Agricultural Product Stock ,Agricultural Waste ,Charcoal ,Tigi,Moroccan and Argan Oil,L'Oreal Products,Pureology,Redken,Paul Mitchell Shampoo,Kerastase Shampoo,Herbal Incense,Nutrilon Baby Milk,Friso Baby Milk Powder,Aptamil Baby Milk Powder,Wines ,Spirits ,Liquers ,Beer ,Rice Wine ,Fruit Wine ,Cocktails ,Ice cream cones ,Cookies & Biscuits ,Soy Milk ,Tofu, Eggs,Casein ,Starch,Instant Noodles ,Instant Powder Drinks,Poultry Meat ,Beef,Goat Meat,Donkey Meat ,Rabbit Meat ,Fish,Surimi ,Crab ,Sea Cucumber ,Shrimp ,Lobster,Other Meat & Poultry ,Soy Sauce 

Other Agriculture Products still to be added to the list